Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Report from Africa

Prayer Requests

: We request prayer for our regional evangelism to continue. There are many souls to be harvested.

: Please pray for revival in Namibia. Pray for all the pastors and national leadership. Also, pray for the following ministries to be implemented fully: Sunday School, Youth, Men's Fellowship and Ladies Ministries.

: Continue to pray as we are progressing in the construction of our church building. Also, pray for the many who are suffering with the HIV virus in our country where so many are too poor to be able to afford any kind of medicines to help them.

: Pray for the Regional Youth Conferences being held throughout Tanzania during the month of June. The first radio broadcasts in Swahili have been successful in making contacts. Please pray for open doors to expand this ministry to other areas and other languages.

ZAMBIA: Thank you for your continued prayer for Sis Eunice Mwanza, who has kidney failure and is currently undergoing dialysis. She has faced complications and is still in need of God's touch. Also, pray for her family.

: Please continue to pray for the legal registration of our national church in CONGO (Brazzaville). Also, pray for the visa situation of our Regional Missionary Gistophe and his family.

Praise Reports

: Prayer and Fasting Works -- In one region of the country of Ghana during a prayer and fasting program, there were twenty-eight who were baptized in Jesus name and nineteen received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In just one church in another area of the country, sixteen received the Holy Ghost during a prayer and fasting program. That worked so well that the church tried it again a month later. Eleven were baptized in Jesus name, and one received the Holy Ghost.

: One wealthy man had his cows stolen. Prayer was made for this situation, and the cows were found and returned to their owner. The man's wife invited the pastor to their home after Bible Study. The man is convinced that the Lord worked on his behalf, and he has promised to be baptized in Jesus Name.

: We are thankful that two of our leaders were able to go to the recent sub regional conference, and we are excited about the Africa Region Vision and want it to spread to the churches of Namibia. We are believing for revival.

: We praise the One True God who is alive and reigns forever. We had three who were just baptized in Jesus name.

: Area Coordinator Theodore Grosbach preached a revival in El Dorado Park, South Africa on May 17th where 15 received the Holy Ghost. There was a miraculous healing of one of our leaders' daughter. She was blind in one eye, and being a young person, she was embarrassed so much about this. Coming home after church just recently she said to her parents that she was healed and now able to see out of both eyes. To God be the Glory!

: Two people were healed of AIDs. Returning to be re-tested, they showed no positive HIV virus. Twenty-six received Holy Ghost in Katonga. There were six churches that joined the UACU this past month; two of the pastors received the Holy Ghost. For the month, a total of 71 received the Holy Ghost in our travels--including the two pastors. Twenty-one were baptized in Jesus Name.

: During the National Youth Conference 2010, thirty-nine received the Holy Ghost and thirty-one were baptized in Jesus' Name.

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