Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paraguayan Harvest

Vladimir Goodrum family
Second Quarter 2010

Conference 2010:

We praise God for the moving of His Spirit during our annual conference last month.

The churches pa
rticipated in 40 days of fasting and focused prayer prior to the meeting, and God was faithful to hear the cry of His people. We were very excited to see 11 new people filled with the Holy Ghost and 6 baptized in Jesus name, but the three-day conference was also a tremendous time of restoration and renewal for all of the pastors, saints and missionaries alike! Pastor Harold Linder of North Carolina ministered very powerfully each night with Regional Director Darry Crossley doing an outstanding job as interpreter. Special thanks to those of you who covered this event with your prayers, and may God bless each of our partners for your faithful support of our ministry!

Highlights from the Last Few Months:
  • We have visited many more of the churches, both in the central zone and many kilometers away in other parts of the country. At the camp meeting in the north Easter weekend 10 new converts were baptized in the nearby stream.
  • We enjoyed the visit of Sis. Janet Homann from Illinois who would like to be able to return to Paraguay as an AIMer in the near future!
  • Vlad is now teaching church history during this second half of the Bible school semester.
  • We were able to move from our third-floor apartment to a nice house in a good location with room for the boys to romp—and they even have two new puppies to romp with!
  • We are still praying and planning toward a church plant in Asuncion--working with a couple from the Bible institute. We thank God for taking care of the details of our lives as we follow Him step by step. He is a wonderful Heavenly Father!
Special Prayer Request:

At this time there is a great need to open Bible school extensions in thes
e three cities: Ciudad del Este, Pilar, and Santani. We have a number of prospective students in each area who are anxiously waiting to begin their studies. Please pray for this need as we work over the next weeks and months to start some type of Bible training in these areas.
Pictured Above: Some of our
current Bible school students

The UP
C of Paraguay is excited about hosting an Apostolic Youth Corp visit in the summer of 2011. We believe this will be a tremendous blessing both to the work of God here and to those who are able to be a part of this AYC trip. For more information or an application, please contact the General Youth Division.

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