Friday, May 28, 2010

Revival in Mexico

from desk of Missionary T.Wynn Drost - General Superintendent UPC of Mexico

PENTECOST SUNDAY: We firmly believe that from Easter to Pentecost Sunday (the 50 days of Pentecost) that there is a special "window" of grace and outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord. Therefore, we always seek to take advantage of it, having special drives, goals, services, rallies, etc. Below is a picture of some receiving the Holy Spirit this past weekend:

In sectional services in the Central District: Over 210 were reported receiving the HG Saturday - that's just in Mexico City.

In the local church that I pastor--in the heart of Mexico City, we had not only 14 receive the Holy Spirit in the services on Sunday, but a total of 82 since Easter Sunday!

In Mérida, Yucatán, where Brother Martín González is Pastor - he is also the Vice President of the UPCM: In a Pentecost Sunday Rally, over 132 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

CENTRAL DISTRICT CONGRESS: Last March 16, 2010, we had our Central District Congress (a one-day District Rally) with over 2,800 in attendance, and 186 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Also, 19 were baptized in Jesus' Name. Pictured below is that event:

CENTRAL DISTRICT GROWTH: In our last monthly pastors' meeting (the first Monday night of each month), the pastors of the Central District reported a total of 230 baptized, and 186 received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit during the month of April 2010. Those Pastors' Monthly Meetings are a time of inspiration, reporting, collecting ministerial tithes, offerings, etc.

Rejoice and give thanks with us. To God be the glory!

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