Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Praise Report

Praise Report
From Linda Reed (Middle East):

Ten years ago I had an ultrasound and the doctor asked me if I was an alcoholic! Of course, I told him, "no way!" He informed me I had a fatty liver at that time. He surmised it was from heredity and damage due to the parasitical infections and chemicals we endured as missionaries in Jordan. For ten years, it hasn't bothered me. But this year, it showed signs of progressive problems. A fatty liver leads to inflammation, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. So, after two questionable liver function tests, my doctor ordered an ultrasound. In my desperation to be well, I asked God to give me a new liver, so I could live and work for Him at least another 15 years, like Hezekiah!

Well, this morning [Monday], after an extensive ultrasound, I was told there is no sign of a 'fatty liver'. My liver test was totally normal. The liver is no longer enlarged and filled with fat deposits. God has given me a 'new liver'. This is not possible with men, but God knows we don't have time to go through another lengthy disease cycle. The Middle East needs us healthy now! So, God gave me a new liver without transplant surgery. I am floating on cloud nine! God is so faithful. I thank Him and every one who prayed.

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