Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Africa Report

Benin ~
Randy Adams family

*During a regional conference seventeen were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Central African Republic ~
Mike Benson family
reported by Area Coordinator, Randy Adams

*Eighteen people were baptized in Jesus' name in a major city.

Gabon ~
Randy Adams & Joel Richardson families

*During December, three people were baptized in Jesus' name.

Ghana ~
Jim Poitras, Colleen Carter, & Nick Sisco families

*During revival services/seminars, eighty-six received the Holy Ghost and ten were baptized in Jesus' name. There were also at least ten people interested in attending the Bible school.

Lesotho ~
David Kline family

*The Sunday school received a package from the Louisiana District Sunday School Department. The package included a portable puppet stage, two puppets, and resource materials for children's ministry. Dozens of children and youth20repented the first time the puppets were used. A drama team will trained to become puppet masters for Jesus.

The Sunday school teacher training and Bible studies are also going well. Eight new teachers are trained and will begin teaching soon.

In 2008 more than 1,650 Bible studies were taught, and there were more than 880 visitors.

Liberia ~
Albert Stewart family

*During several services, forty-nine were baptized in Jesus' name and fifty-two received the Holy Ghost.

At the annual national crusade, 2003 were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Madagascar ~
Chris Richardson family

*Leadership Conference was held with national leaders all coming together for budget/planning sessions.

Tanzania ~
Richard Smoak & Jim Robertson families

*In New Years services around the country more than 100 people were filled with the Holy Ghost. Many were also baptized in Jesus' name including a Trinitarian pastor.

There was a three year old boy who could not walk. After prayer he began walking.

In a special meeting, several were healed: one person was healed of tuberculosis, several were healed of severe headaches, and two were healed of bleeding ulcers.

In another region, sixteen repented and seven were baptized in Jesus' name.

In one of the local churches the pastor testified about God's provision. Earlier he didn't have seed to plant his farm. After prayer was made, having faith in God to answer, he left and started home. Before he left the Bible school grounds someone had given him bus fare to get home and before he reached home someone had given him seeds to plant his farm.

Togo ~
Randy Adams family

*During the national conference, there were fifty new people filled with the Holy Ghost. A miracle offering of $3,300 was received for the continuation of the Bibl e school building. A preaching point was opened following the conference.

In a new church seven were baptized in Jesus' name, and four received the Holy Ghost.

In another new church, two received the Holy Ghost.

During a Sunday morning service in one church, eight received the Holy Ghost and ten came forward to be baptized.

Zambia ~
Gary Abernathy family

*A full report of the Regional Prayer Conferences of 2008 showed totals of 4,453 in attendance with 101 receiving the Holy Ghost and 105 being baptized in Jesus' name.

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