Monday, August 4, 2008


There are a lot of things to tell today. So I will start with Saturday, August 2.

Timo was able to get up and walk to the restroom. Major accomplishment. All the parents and medical staff were cheering for him as he was taking this walk, although a little wobbly due to weakness.

He was able to drink 1/2 of a chocolate milkshake but sorry to say, he did not retain this. Vicki and Tremayne are thinking this was due to the first "food" he has taken on his own.

Nausea seems to be subsiding today, (Sunday).

All pain medication has been stopped so Timothy is experiencing pain in his head and his neck, We must all remember he had a "tube" inserted into his inner ear and due to the infection, he most likely will experience pain.

BUT....... we know a miracle working God that can come to Timothy and ease all his pains and aches.

Please focus on this part of Timo's recovery when you pray.

Also, while we were there, the PICU nurse came out and said, "Timothy wanted his DAD!!" Bro. Tremayne was eating his supper but up Tremayne went, shook hands with everyone and off to take care of this son that wants his DAD!!

I talked to Sis. Vicki just a few minutes ago and Timo is resting quietly now. Yes, someone is praying somewhere in this vast earth of ours and is touching God for the Simoneaux family.

David Flowers and Karl Smith were able to go into the PICU and pray with Timothy. He opened BOTH his eyes to look at them. They had a good season of prayer with Sis. Vicki and Timo.

Then Mary Smith and I were allowed to go in and see Timo and pray with him. There was such a sweetness of the Lord there with all of us. We felt like crying but did not want to do that in front of Timothy.

God makes Himself so real when we pray and His Presence causes our being to be quite aware of an Awesome Power that has manifested Itself in our atmosphere.

While we were praying with Timo he had the most beautiful smile on his face. God touches us in a way no one else can. We are looking at 10 - 12 more days to complete a cycle of strong antibiotics that require intravenous connections.

Sis. Carol Simoneaux is here as well and helping in the care of Timothy. She is a great lady with great faith in God.

She has been such a blessing to this family while she is here in Africa.

Timothy was not able to get up this morning due to pain. They are going to try to get him up after he has rested a bit. As we pray together today, let's ask God to help with this pain problem.

We will ask for complete eradication of the meningitis from Timo's body and also that every muscle, ligament, cartilage, tissue and cell will be cleansed completely and made whole one again by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We will pray for his hearing again today. So....... friends and prayer warriors, all of us here in Africa, will meet you TODAY....... at the Throne Room of God as we pray together for the Simoneaux Family.

Love and prayers,
David and Donna Flowers

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