Monday, August 4, 2008

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests From Vicki Richardson (Regional Prayer Coordinator, Africa):

Please pray for healing for Louis Johnson, Phil Tolstad, Timothy Simoneaux, and Rosemary Louw. I wanted to bring to our attention several of our missionaries that are in need of prayer.

1) Please pray for Louis Johnson who is in the Nairobi in the hospital. He had his pacemaker replaced on Wednesday and then again on Saturday. He hopes to be released tomorrow which happens to be his birthday. He will have several days of recuperation yet, but we want to keep him in our prayers.

2) Also, please pray for Phil Tolstad. He has been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. He is on five medications which have been difficult in finding in Uganda. He is in need of our prayers.

3) Remember to pray for Timo Simoneaux and also for Vicki and Tremayne as they continue to care for our MK.

4) Pray for Rosemary Louw as she is in physical therapy for her back and is on medical leave in the States at present. From Regina Thompson (Guatemala): Please continue praying for Brad Thompson, Lynne Jewett, and for the Guatemalan church. Thank you all for your prayers for our missionary family and the work in Guatemala. Ryan is totally recovered and Brad is home from the hospital and continuing his treatment.

Lynne Jewett continues to need a miracle of healing. God is blessing the work in Guatemala in spite of the attacks we have been facing. This month we licensed 5 new ministers and had 2 new churches established. In recent crusades we had a total attendance of over 7200 and around 650 filled with the Holy Ghost and 100 baptized in Jesus Name.

Due to tropical storms and an extra heavy rainy season we have had 2 church buildings destroyed by mud slides and flooding. We have several families who have lost their homes. We are concerned as the main hurricane season is just getting underway.

Please continue to pray for God`s protection and provision for our churches and this nation.

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