Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prayer Requests

From Don Ikerd (VFMA: Africa): Please pray for me.
I would like for you to put in a prayer request for me, Bro. Ikerd.

Back in July they found some spots on my liver. Last week they did a biopsy on them and found that they were cancerous. I am beginning to feel weak from these cancers. But I believe that God is still a healer, and I am trusting in Him.

From Phil Tolstad (Uganda): Please pray for Uganda as the nation has an e-bola epidemic.
The Ebola epidemic that has hit Uganda started in the western side next to Congo, but then spread to seven districts and into Kampala and now there is case on the eastern side with Kenya in Embale. As you know Ebola has a 80%-90% fatality rate and the medical facilities here can't cope with something like this, many of those who have died are doctors and nurses trying to treat patients. We need the protecting hand of God!

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — The death toll from a new strain of the Ebola virus in Uganda has risen to 29, and the government was warning against shaking hands and other close contact, health officials said Monday. The death toll was expected to keep rising, said Dr. Sam Zaramba, director general of Uganda's health services.

Praise Reports
From Howard and Vonda Smith (Spain):
The last weekend in November... this weekend was a very special time for us with Pastor Joe Harrod, Springfield, IL ministering. We had 252 in attendance with 12 receiving the Holy Ghost with 6 water baptisms. Three of the 12 received the Holy Ghost in the water. Praise God!

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