Thursday, December 27, 2007

Note from Stanley Scism - Missionary to South Asia/United Kingdom

Please pray for the persecuted Christians in India.

You might have heard the news of a recent huge revival outbreak in Orissa, India, where Bro Paul had baptized 28 trinitarian ministers and wives in Jesus name. Bro Paul would have been able to baptize more, but he ran out of money and is now leading the Bible college during my absence due to deputation. In October, one of the young men he baptized held a youth camp which Hindu activists threatened to close down, and instead 30 Hindu activists came to Jesus Christ.

Paul would like to return and baptize more people in March.
In the area where he was baptizing people, persecution has broken out against Christians. Please pray for their:

a. safety,
b. courage to witness,
c. being followed with signs and wonders so that the Hindus will be convinced Jesus is the God of gods, King of kings, Lord of lords, Creator and Savior.

Stanley Scism

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