Monday, April 12, 2021

The Netherlands Update

Mere words are insufficient to describe how thankful we are for the body of Christ.  Your sacrificial giving, your faith and your prayers give us the the ability to live and work for GOD in this amazing harvest field.

It is difficult to believe that we only have one year left before our next deputation.  I look back on the whirlwind of the last three years. So many crazy situations to deal with, so much spiritual warfare. Yet, so many victories! So many transformed lives!

The Hague: 

We planted a church in the core of this international urban center prior to the lockdowns. We worked diligently to stay connected to the handful of people that we had, hosting lots of online zoom events and livestream. It paid off! New guests in our first two weeks of in-person services! 

Kevin & Crystal Wallace are outstanding missionaries to Europe, because of immigration and covid19 border restrictions, they are currently living here in The Netherlands.  This couple are an amazing ministry team: they teach, preach counsel, administrate - in Bible School, The Hague, Dordrecht as well as many other online sessions.

They are a daily blessing to the work of GOD here!  Words cannot express how much we appreciate them. 


I have been blessed to teach at various Bible Schools, Ministers training events, church services and interactive fellowships as well as many leadership meetings, Home Bible Studies, discipleship calls all online via ZOOM, LIVESTREAM, Whatsapp and even normal mobile phone calls. 

These online events were located in various cities like Dordrecht, Hoofddorp and the Hague here in The Netherlands as well as Geneva Switzerland, Stockholm Sweden, New Brunswick Canada, Winnepeg Canada The USA and Vienna Austria.

We have been in contact with a group of leaders here in The Netherlands, they are amazed that we stand for the New Birth Experience of Water and Spirit.  We have been sharing doctrinal truths with them at a greater level, they have begun to attend our church services, and have begun sharing our online Bible Studies with other evangelical leaders in Europe - only GOD knows what will come of this connection!  

One of their leaders was crying after one of our Bible Studies, she remarked; “there is so much love of GOD and HOLINESS here,”

We are seeing so many miracles like Vitani! 

Especially among young people.  Our youth group has not been limited during the lockdowns and limited connection. They have almost doubled their effectiveness and impact. More and more young people are being baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost!

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