Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Moldova Update (Michael Paul & Tia McBride)


Our New Normal
February 2021 EDITION

February was our first month as your appointed Associate Missionaries to Moldova (or AMPers for short), and we still aren't in Moldova. However, we know that being in Ukraine is exactly where we need to be for this time. Our new normal is blooming where we are planted until God opens the door for us to get in to the nation of our appointment. 

The nation of Ukraine has a lot of exciting things happening and we couldn't be more elated to be a part. This month we went to the city of Odessa twice for Bible School and were involved in the Bible School Campus here in Kyiv as well. We had English Club, Michael preached, met with our contacts in our home, started formal Russian classes, celebrated Valentine's Day, hosted ZOOM meetings with our AIM Team for Moldova and so much more! We hope you enjoy the pictures and updates below as we share a little of what we have experienced this month in Ukraine!


First, let's talk about Bible School! This month we did three weekends of Bible School. Kyiv is the city where we live, but Odessa is about 4-5 hours away. In Winter, it takes longer because you must be very careful due to the conditions of the roads. As you can see from the first picture, we get to spend a lot of quality time with other teachers! 

We travelled to Odessa twice this month to do Bible School. Students come for classes Friday night and all day Saturday. One student travels over 24 hours to come to Bible School!!! During this month, we taught about prayer walks, evangelism, how to teach a Bible Study, and how to work in teams. You can see from the last picture in this block the conditions they were prayer walking in. This was a mild day! 


English Club is going great! In the first picture, you can see a "pre-English Club" happening with Pastoral Staff children. They came with their parents that night, so Tia did an impromptu lesson with them. They loved it! 

During our main session, we've had new guests, and more of the youth participate. This is great because several of our Bible School Students come and it's a great way for them to make connections. One young man started coming to a Bible Study by one of our students and has decided to get baptized in Jesus Name soon! There have also been several other connections made and strengthened. During COVID, it's been a great way to meet people! 


Due to COVID, many things must take place in our home. We are grateful to have two of our Bible Students come over weekly. It gives us a chance to mentor them, and let them be hands on when we meet with our two contacts. 

We also are grateful for technology! Via ZOOM, we've been able to meet with a team that is ready to come help us in Moldova as soon as the borders open. We've been doing training with them and are so excited for what God is going to do in them and through them once they get here! 

Aside from meetings and training, we were also able to start Russian Language classes! We will keep you posted on our progress! 


This accurately represents how Tia feels about the snow! During the past few weeks we lost our heat and hot water. It would come on for maybe one hour sections of time but then go out again. We are grateful to have it back!




Prayer Requests:

1.) Restrictions continue to be extreme  in Moldova. Pray a door will open for us to get in!

2.) Pray for Muhammad and Abraham to continue to ask questions and seek after God. We believe God allowed our paths to cross for a reason and we want to be a light to them. 

3.) We found a language school and teacher! Pray for our minds to be sharp and open as we learn Russian!


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