Thursday, February 4, 2021

South Africa Update

Greetings in Jesus Name from South Africa! 

We began the new year back in lockdown due to the rise in cases and the new strain of COVID here in the country. Even without being able to have in-person services, God has still moved in wonderful ways.

The Bible says God’s hand is not short and He proved Himself once again. Although, we are in lockdown, ministers are still considered essential workers, so we are able to have in-home Bible studies with our saints. Recently on one of our visits, someone who was doing some work on the house there, heard that I was a minister. They had a family member that was sick and was in the hospital. We immediately prayed right there on the spot and within a couple of hours, we received word that God had touched their family member and they was being released from the hospital. Hallelujah! 

Previously, we had mentioned about the man from Kriel, in a neighboring province, who had suffered a brain hemorrhage. My wife and I along with Bro. Allan Sibanda, General Superintendent of UPCSA recently revisited him in his home, where God did an amazing work. He is doing so much better now. At first, he was not able to move around without becoming dizzy and extremely nauseas. After praying with him, he said that he felt the healing power of God flow through him and was able to stand and walk without becoming dizzy. That is the God we serve!  

Please continue to pray for us and South Africa. We believe great things are in store for this nation in these last days.  

Dale & Brenda Austin


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