Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Good News from Northern Europe

We greatly enjoyed visiting the Channel Islands to be with the couple we have been teaching a Bible Study via Skype for two years.  We need a pastor In the Channel Islands. Pray for Marius, Marianna and Antonio. 

What a joy to be with the church in Elgin, Scotland for their Christmas banquet.  Last year they had 11 for the banquet.  This year they had 50 people attend.  The Derek Fyfe Family are doing a great job in Elgin.

It was a joy to visit the Fletcher Family who are working in Northern Ireland.  We thank God for the work they are doing pioneering in Belfast. 

Many years ago, we were privileged to start a Preachers’ Kids’ Retreat here in the United Kingdom.  This ministry is still continuing, and it was a joy to attend again this year and see young people leading this retreat.  Pray for the children of our preachers in the United Kingdom that they will become a powerful voice to the young people of the churches here. 

Although we didn’t have our natural family with us for Christmas, we were blessed to have a fellow missionary, an associate missionary, and AIM worker and two Bible School Graduates with us.  It was a lovely day that we all enjoyed very much. 

What a joy to see another soul baptised in December.  This is the result of our regional focused prayer for the Muslim community. A number of Iranians came and, as a result, several have been baptised and Spirit-filled.

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