Friday, September 7, 2018

Pacific Region Newsletter

September-October 2018
Roger and Becky Buckland


Dear Friends of the Pacific Region,

With a thankful heart we are so pleased to attach our most recent PAC PRAYER and PRAISE Regional Newsletter.

Generally speaking, life finds us all in varying seasons; and so it is in our many island nations spread out across the vast Pacific Ocean. While some works are just beginning to take root and grow, some nations are now in a tremendous time of reaping and harvest.  We weep with those who have recently experienced great tragedy and loss; and all the while we rejoice with those who are experiencing great victories.

Wherever you may be as you read this, and whatever season you may find yourself or your church, we thank God that we are a ‘United’ Pentecostal Church — united by His Spirit for His purpose.

May God bless YOU as you have blessed us,

Becky Buckland

PAC REGION VISION:  "To Reach Every Inhabited Island of the Vast Pacific Region with the Apostolic Message Through Labouring Together in Apostolic Ministry.”



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