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Pacific Region Newsletter

AUGUST 2014:

J24-Aug 4 NEW ZEALAND: AYC (Apostolic Youth Corps) / Auckland &
2 FIJI: Central District Minister’s Seminar
7 FIJI: Northern District Board Meeting
7-10 PHILIPPINES: Executive Board Meetings / Manila
9 FIJI: Western District Board Meeting
11-12 VANUATU: Ministers, Leaders & Wives Seminar & Workshop
13 VANUATU: Annual Ministers Meeting
14-15 PHILIPPINES: Quezon-Bicol Joint Sect 2 & 3 Conf
14-17 FIJI: Eastern District Conference
14-17 VANUATU: National Conference & Crusade
15 FIJI: Youth Mission Tour
18-20 VANUATU: GATS Faculty Education Seminar
18-27 NEW ZEALAND: Missions Trip to Vanuatu
18-27 School of Missions: St. Louis, MO USA
19 PHILIPPINES: Central Luzon Section 3 Conf / Olongapo City
19-20 PHILIPPINES: Quezon-Bicol Section 1 Conf / Real, Quezon City
19-20 PHILIPPINES: Northeastern Luzon Sect 1 Conf / Solano
22-24 FIJI: Northern District Conference
25-29 Global Missions Board Meetings: St. Louis, MO USA
26-28 PHILIPPINES: Northeastern Luzon Sect 3 Conf / Cagayan

Travel Itinerary
 2014 August

1 - 11 Philippines (LDI & Executive Board Meetings)
12 Travel from Region
18 - 27 School of Missions / St. Louis
25 - 29 Global Missions Board Meeting

for your continued
PRAYER coverage
for PACIFIC Region
deputizing Missionaries:

• Bro & Sis Roger Buckland (Regional Director) - Deputation
• Bro & Sis Robert Addington (New Zealand) - Deputation
• Bro & Sis Peter Gration (Vanuatu) - Deputation
• Bro & Sis Allan Shalm (Indonesia/Pakistan)

• Bro & Sis Rodger White
 (Indonesia) - Medical Leave

FRENCH POLYNESIA, overseas collectivity
of France consisting of five archipelagoes in the south-central Pacific Ocean.

Included are some 130 islands scattered across the Pacific between latitudes 7° and 27° S and longitudes 134° and 155° W—a total land area roughly equivalent to that of metropolitan Paris and London combined but spread across a swath of ocean five times as large as France.

The archipelagoes are the Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands, and Tubuai Islands. The capital, Papeete, is on Tahiti, French Polynesia’s largest island (403 square miles [1,043 square km]), in the Society group.

Malaysian Airlines’ downed Flight MH17 with 298 people onboard is an international tragedy.

We must cover the grieving relatives and nations with our prayers. Many are in a mood of deep despair and anguish of soul in the time of such great and unexpected loss.

For many, the grief has turned to anger.
•Pray for wisdom as world leaders seek to find an end to political conflicts.
•Pray that in the midst of this darkest of tragedies, the hearts of people and nations will be opened to find God ~ the only source of true peace in a troubled world.


Following a Home Bible Study on July 5, 2014, AIMer Carter Moore takes Julian (a Fijian carpenter) to the Funafuti Lagoon and baptizes him in the Name above every name, Jesus! Pray for TUVALU as the Carter Moore’s AIM term is completed and they’ve returned to the States. WHO WILL GO?

Australia Superintendent, John Downs, reports: 2 week intensive indigenous Bible School on Yam Island, Torres Strait. 38 graduated /
Level 1 Course! 8 received Local License!

TONGA National
Conference Report: 10 filled with the Holy Spirit! 3 Baptized in the Name of Jesus!THANK YOU, Rev. Stan Harvey & Team (Sydney, Australia) for your anointed ministry!

AIMing HIGH in the SOLOMON’S: 
(To date: 2 have received the Holy Ghost
and 14 baptized!)

AIMer, PAUL RECORDS, reports:
"I have spent my first week as an AIMer in the Solomon Islands. I have stayed busy. By the week's end, I will have preached and taught 12 different times. The people here have big hearts and love Bible teaching.

Next week I will be starting a young men's Bible study and also work on the Bible school compound to repair and build a few items.

On Friday, they are planning a trip for me to another island named Malaita. It will be a long boat ride followed by a long bumpy truck ride through the jungle. With 3 other men, we will bring leadership and ministry resources, train pastors, and also teach in the local churches and villages.

You can feel an excitement building in the air. God is showing himself strong. Thank you to all who have given to my endeavor. In only a week, many pastors have received training and resources, much teaching has been done, and hearts are being healed.

With a God like our God, ministry is a great big adventure." #aim2go #missions

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