Friday, January 3, 2014

Year End Greetings from Munich

German Speaking Nations
Sowing for the harvest!

Stop in St. Michael's Church during a prayer walk downtown
Greetings from Munich in Jesus’ name!  It has been a month full of year-end travel and meetings as well as planning and sowing.
We have consistently held services in Munich and have had good services.  But we are not satisfied! 

We have taken to the streets in prayer.  We have set out along the train lines and selected spots to go and pray (see map ^). We have gone out on different lines to different sections of the city, walking, praying, sometimes speaking with people and handing out tracts. We have a desire to sow seed in our city!

Please pray with us as we break some new ground in the city as we promote to get the word out in Munich.  There is a church that lives and breathes beyond the bounds of the traditions that hold the city captive!!  There is more than a Christmas choir in a historical building where the name of Jesus might be sung in a song, more than a “Christ Child Market” in a beautiful historic district of the city — there is an EXPERIENCE to be had with Him, and a plan of Salvation for every person!

I have spent 20 days of December travelling, so  it has been difficult to manage our initiatives. A couple of those days traveling was for our General Board meeting in Paderborn, Germany.  There are many things happening in our region, and it is exciting!  We are planning for our next General Conference in N├╝rnberg!  We are planning our next session of the Apostolic Ministry Training Center this year — in 3 different locations in 3 different countries and 4 languages!! We are laying the foundation for new churches!  So it was fitting when Brother Ernest Scott put his Shofar in the hands of Brother Charles Robinette, our General Superintendent, to sound a peal of triumph after our meeting!

We thank you all as partners for your love, help and consistency—may God richly bless you for your share in the burden of Jesus Christ!

Prayer Requests and Financial Needs

  •  Favor  in evangelizing throughout Munich!
  •  Employing the most effective channels of getting our word out!
  •  Effective board meetings & leadership of German Speaking Nations
  •  An apartment for AIMer Petra Hugon-Smith!
  •  Miracles, signs and wonders as we go out into Munich in faith!

Mitch and Jutta Sayers
Pentecostals of Munich
Unterschleissheim, Germany

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