Monday, September 30, 2013

Africa Network of Prayer

 [Praying for Africa's needs and for revival throughout Africa]

Calendar Events

29 Aug-01 Sept
  MALAWI   A-Team Crusades in Blantyre
29 Aug-01 Sept  KENYA      South Rift Region Youth Convention
01 Sept       ZAMBIA    Life Tabernacle Church (Lusaka) Dedication
02 Sept       CONGO (DRC)    Provincial Board Meeting in Kinshasa
02 Sept       CONGO (DRC)     Faith Group and Mutual Help Meeting at Christ Sauveur Local Church - Kinshasa
02-04 Sept   MADAGASCAR  National Ministers' Conference -  Guests: Bro. & Sis. David Bernard and Rev. & Mrs. John Putnam
03-07 Sept   GHANA     National Council Meeting and Elections
04 Sept       AFRICA REGION      Prayer Day for Africa's Children
04-07 Sept   IVORY COAST        National Youth Convention
05 Sept       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Youth Fellowship
05-08 Sept   MADAGASCAR  General Conference - Guests: Bro. & Sis. David Bernard and Rev. & Mrs. John Putnam
05-08 Sept   MALAWI   A-Team Spin-off Crusades in Mzuzu and Salima
06 Sept       CONGO (DRC)   Overnight Prayer for Leadership in Each District in Kinshasa Province
06 Sept       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        All-Night Prayer Vigil
07 Sept       BURKINA FASO     Daughters of Zion Ladies Meeting
07 Sept       CONGO (DRC)    Bible Sharing with Leaders in the Districts of Funa and Mont Amba
07-08 Sept   CONGO (Brazzaville)  Revival in Jesus' Army Church
11-13 Sept    CONGO (Brazzaville)  Fasting and Prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Country of Congo
12 Sept       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Ladies Fellowship
12 Sept       EQUATORIAL GUINEA  Crusade and Youth Camp
13-15 Sept   ZAMBIA    Western Region Conference, also Children's Ministries
14 Sept       GLOBALLY    Designated Day to pray for the French-speaking nations of the Africa Region and around the World
14  Sept      CONGO (DRC)     Bible Sharing with Leaders in the District Of Tshangu
14 Sept       EQUATORIAL GUINEA        Children Workshop
16-17 Sept   BURKINA FASO     Executive Council Board Meeting
16-20 Sept   WEST AFRICA     West Africa Sub Regional Conference
16-22 Sept   CONGO (DRC)    Evangelistic Preachers' Rotation
18 Sept       TANZANIA    Start of GATS associate course in Moshi
18-20 Sept   ZAMBIA     Central Region Ladies Ministries - WISH Leadership Training Seminar
18-20 Sept   BURKINA FASO     Regional Leadership Conference
19-21 Sept   KENYA     Nairobi Region Convention
19-22 Sept   KENYA      Lake Region Convention
20-22 Sept   ZAMBIA     Central Region Conference
21 Sept       CONGO (DRC)   Biblical Leadership Sharing in the District of Lukunga
23-29 Sept  EQUATORIAL GUINEA       Intercessory Fasting and Prayers
26-28 Sept   ZAMBIA     Lusaka Regional Ladies Ministries - WISH Leadership Training Seminar
26-28 Sept   IVORY COAST   Evangelistic Crusade in Grand-Bassam
27-28 Sept   KENYA      Mt. Kenya Region Pastors Seminar
27-29 Sept   USA      Global Missions Board Meeting 

27-30 Sept   ZAMBIA     Copperbelt Region Conference
28 Sept       BURKINA FASO     Children's Crusade
28  Sept       CONGO (DRC)     Water Baptismal Service in Kinshasa
28-29 Sept   ZAMBIA    Northern Region Prayer Conference

Africa Region and Beyond

04 Sept           AFRICA REGION      Pray for Africa's Children
14 Sept           GLOBALLY      Pray for the French-speaking nations of the Africa Region and around the World
16-20 Sept      WEST AFRICA  West Africa Sub Regional Conference in Lome, Togo
27-29 Sept       USA  Global Missions Board Meeting

Other Prayer Requests

District Conferences will be taking place during the last three weekends in September.   Pray for blessings upon these three District conferences.


Please pray for the church Evangelistic efforts among people of various religious faiths and the faithfulness of the new converts. A brother urgently needs a miracle of healing of an unknown disease.  Thank you!

Praise Reports

Missionary Long reports:  We recently attended the Youth Conference in Kwekwe where six received the Holy Ghost and nine were baptized in Jesus' Name.  Some of the men went to Chipinga where there is a large refugee camp.  Our National Superintendent, Bro. Makandise, preached and ten received the Holy Ghost and there are 25 to be baptized. 

We are thrilled to report that the National Ladies Ministries Conference was well attended with around 460 ladies from all over South Africa.  What a beautiful move we experienced on Sunday Morning.  At least four received the Holy Ghost.

The Indian Ocean Conference of the United Pentecostal Church including the island nations of Reunion, Mauritius, and Seychelles was a great success.  Seven were baptized in Jesus name and 16 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  In Rodrigues, one was baptized in Jesus name, and two weeks later received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The General Conference was held Aug. 22-25 and it was the best attended Conference yet.  We had 15 receive the Holy Ghost and 9 were baptized.

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