Thursday, August 1, 2013

Buckland Newsletter

24 Pacific Island

American Samoa,
Australia, Brunei,
Cook Islands, East
Timor, Fiji, French
Polynesia, Indonesia,
Kiribati, Malaysia,
Nauru, Papua New
Guinea, Philippines, 
Samoa, Singapore,
Solomon Islands,
Tonga, Tuvalu,
Vanuatu, Wallis

Will you join us in
earnest Prayer? 

As Jim Poitras,
Director of AIM, so
aptly put it!

GOAL:  to reach
every nation, island,
and people group!

Apply today as an
AIM worker!
Associates In
Missions ~ join the
Team!   Contact:

It all begins with just ONE.  Just ONE.                                                       
Just ONE person who is willing to PRAY.
Just ONE person who is willing to GIVE.
Just ONE person who is willing to GO!

The GREAT Pacific Team:              
Missionaries ... AIM workers ... National
Leaders ... National believers ... Partners In
Missions ...

We are grateful for the fantastic TEAM that God
has brought together across the vast Pacific,
strategically placing each one. With hearts
that beat as one, this anointed Pacific Team is
faithfully working ‘while it is day’!

# of Constituents:    414,680                                  
# of Ministers:     4,232                                                   
# of Churches:  3,284                                                 
# of New Preaching Points:  101 Bible School classes resume ... as nationals
gather from far and near for Seminars and
Training Sessions ... as National Boards pray,
plan and make decisions in preparation for
the future ... as islands are reached one at a
time ... as churches are birthed one at a
time ...  as souls are added to His kingdom! 

*Over 40 baptisms took place in Vanuatu!
*19 baptized in Honiara, Solomon Islands!
*11 receive the Holy Ghost during Tonga Conference!
*19 receive the Holy Ghost during East Malaysia camp!
*Thank you, KY District, for 6 PIMS!

 The Tonga building pictured (above) still
needs additional work to be completed,
totaling $11,000.  Would you be willing to
help? Contact Missionary Ben Blunt: 

Our LOGO represents the fire of the Holy
Ghost descending and enveloping the

The bold colors, the contrast of the flame
and wave of motion, create energy and

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