Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ghana Monthly Newsletter

UPCI Ghana’s First Children’s Camp

On May 10-12, 2013 we were privileged to be a part of UPCI Ghana’s first ever children’s camp. This took place in the Central Region with 130 children registered. There were lots of laughs, learning, and memories that took place during this time. In addition to Bible quizzing, some of the lessons taught were A Mouth-Full of Humility, A Mouth-Full of Forgiveness, and a Mouth-Full of Praise. Three children received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and many lives were touched by the power of God.

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Revelation of the Name: JESUS

We thank God for apostolic doctrine and its power to change lives. After teaching on water baptism in Jesus name and the oneness of God, the Pastor of Life in The Spirit Ministry saw these biblical truths. He was baptized in Jesus name and then baptized nine of his church leaders the next day! The founder and pastor at Power of God and Showers of Blessings International Ministry, along with his family were baptized in Jesus name. He is presently attending his first term of studies at our Bible College. Recently, the presbyter of the Ashanti/ Brong-Ahafo Region was invited to preach at Jesus Promised Church after they heard his weekly radio program. They have understood the Oneness of God message. The Pastor and ten of his members were baptized in Jesus name, and three received the gift of the Holy Ghost during their baptism.

We are thanking God for the work He is doing through your partnership. Together we are expanding God’s kingdom in Ghana.

Pastor Reagan has understood the importance of baptism in Jesus name.

Baptizing Pastor Coffie in Jesus name!

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