Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vietnam: Wolfram Newsletter

Bringing the Past into the Future

This July, I  received an invitation from 80-year-old Rev. K’Ma to return to DaLat, Vietnam, to teach his church about water baptism in Jesus’ name! This resulted in 51 of his people being baptized!  Many more baptisms are scheduled to follow in DaLat, Nha Trang,  and Cam Ranh Bay!

K’Ma and his daughter K-Mon were baptized after I  taught them in 1994 (See above).  Two years ago, several of Rev. K’Ma K’ma’s grandchildren were baptized during a seminar we held in HCMC, hosted by POA.  He and his wife have 16 children and over 100 in their family.

Pastors Vo and Duong (above) are also my converts from the early 90s that we are working with today.  Three of the pastors pictured above have recently passed away.  

Pictured below on the left side and middle is a man we call Daniel.  He is another convert of mine from 1994.  I was reunited with him two and a half years ago.  Today, he is working with the other missionaries from the UPC while he builds a church in HCMC. 

The picture on the bottom right is the group I  baptized in Dalat the first week in August 2012.

Please keep us in your prayers as we endeavor to relocate other important contacts from the early 90s.

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