Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Belize Prayer Partner Update

Greetings to you from the deputation trail! I trust you have all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your families and a happy new year.

Let me catch you up on a few happenings in Belize....

During the year of 2010, we saw many good things taking place. We have now been able to begin a regular Preaching Point in Belmopan, the capital city of Belize. We have also been able to reach out into other nearby communities of the Corozal District with regular services as well. There have been some baptisms that have taken place, but I don't yet have the number of how many. We are so thankful for this. We have tried for a long time to get something started in this area with little success. However, with our God, nothing is impossible, and His timing is always perfect.

We have continued our outreach among the children of Belize City. At our yearly Children's Crusade, there was over 100 children in attendance, most of whom had never been in service with us before!

I appreciate your continued prayers for all of our efforts in the country of Belize.

At the end of October, Hurricane Richard struck Belize. This was not a very big hurricane, but with Belize City being below sea level, it doesn't take much force to do a lot of damage. We did see damage to the roof of our Bible School. Because the rain was constant and heavy for about a week, this result in some damage to the walls in a couple of the classrooms. There was also damage to the roof of our church in Belize City as well. We would appreciate your prayers in this matter. We still need to finish the repairs to the Bible School, but there are no funds. Also, the church in Belize City is still in need of funds to repair their roof. Our God is able to provide. Thank you for praying.

If anyone feels to give to help with the repairs to the Bible School or the Belize City church, you may send your donation to the Foreign Missions Division.

Let me say thank you for your prayers for me. Deputation is long, but it is slowly coming along. At the present, I still lack about 23% of my budget. Thank you for praying and believing with me that this will come much sooner than the projected date of November 2011. I desperately need to be back in Belize before the years end. HE is able to make that happen!

You may not have know it, but the Lord has used your prayers to sustain me in many trying times. In July and again just 3 weeks ago, I was able to be with my Dad as he was having cornea transplant surgeries. I am so happy to report to you that he now has 20/30 vision in his left eye from the first surgery, and the right eye is continuing to improve every day! He has gone from being legally blind from birth to 20/20 vision because of the miraculous touch of God, to being diagnosed with a genetic disease that began to cloud his vision and brought on horrendous migraine headaches, to once again his sight improving on a daily basis and no headaches! We believe that as his eyes continue to improve, so will his sight. Thank you for believing for this with us.

Just a couple of weeks ago as I left Mississippi to return to deputation, I was involved in a minor traffic accident while in Oklahoma. I was not harmed in any way, but my vehicle did have a bit of damage. At the moment, I am still waiting to get my car out of the shop and start traveling again. If you would help me pray about this, I'd be grateful. There have been a few little problems in the repairs. I was told today that possibly on Thursday this week the work will be completed. Please help me pray that I will be able to pick up my car no later than Wednesday this week.

This may seem like a minor thing, but really, our God is interested in all aspects of our life no matter how minor they may be. I know that the accident could have been worse, but because someone prayed -- it wasn't! Just this past week someone informed me that on a particular day as they were driving down the road, I came to their mind. With that came a strong impression to pray for me. They pulled over to the side of the road and began to pray. Putting times together, we discovered that it was the same time that I had this little accident! Yes, HE is interested in us!

You, my Prayer Partners, prayed for me last winter when I had to travel in the north in places where there is always snow. Do you remember I asked you to pray because I just don't know how to drive in snow (none of that stuff in Belize and extremely little in Mississippi). You prayed and, even though there was snow before and after I arrived in different places, I never saw any snow. Would you please pray those prayers again. I am once again headed to places where snow (and mountains) is likely.

Thank you for all of your prayers for this missionary and for the country of Belize.


Amy M. Sawyer
Missionary to Belize

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