Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Revival in Africa

Jim Crumpacker & Patrick Groves families

A special service at a children's home had over 200 in attendance from three nearby government run homes/reform institutions. A former Bible school graduate preached a short message and gave a brief altar call. Thirty-five children received the Holy Ghost.

A local church prayed for a stolen heard of cattle. They were found and returned. All though the owner wasn't a member of the church he was so impressed he donated $380 to the churches building fund.

David Kline family

In regular services, twenty received the Holy Ghost, nine were baptized in Jesus' name, and a new record attendance of 208 people was set.

During conference, eight received the Holy Ghost and eight were baptized in Jesus' name. Three leaders were ordained and two received general license upgrades.

Chris Richardson family

This month was the annual Leadership Seminar and Preachers Conference. The leaders were challenged through the Word to rededicate their lives to following Jesus and refocus their eyes on the harvest field. Seeds of faith were sown and before the conference was over, some of the local city pastors were returning home at night to find people waiting to be baptized. One pastor had a lady come needing prayer for healing. She was healed, baptized in Jesus' name, and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Since the conference, reports continue to come in. One pastor had a brother who was sick with appendicitis. This pastor prayed for his brother and when examined by the doctors again, nothing could be found wrong.

Gerry McLean family

Fourteen ministerial students graduated from the Bible school.

Three students were baptized after being taught on the Oneness of God and Baptism at a local high school.

Twelve received the Holy Spirit in one service at a local church.

One of the Bible school students baptized ten at one church and three at another during the Christmas break.

Reported by Superintendent Mamy Razanajatovo

The Lord answered the prayer of one congregation with a larger room for services and they now have a pastor.

Phil Tolstad family

At General Conference, forty-four received the Holy Ghost and twenty-nine were baptized in Jesus' name including seven pastors.

Eight new churches have been added.

In three districts, a total of sixty-three received the Holy Ghost, seventy were baptized in Jesus' name and three churches were started.

Tremayne Simoneaux family

A total of sixty-two were baptized in Jesus' name in two different areas of the nation.

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