Thursday, May 29, 2008

Myanmar Update

It has been nearly a month since Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar wreaking havoc in the nation, leaving thousands dead and many more homeless. The best estimates are that 80,000 have been killed and another 50,000 are still missing.

Approximately 2.5 million have been directly affected by the loss of their home, crop or a loved one.

Thank you so much to each individual who has already given to this tremendous need. As you can see in Brother Frizzell’s own words below, the initial help that CSI sent has been expended and more aid is needed.

The money that has been sent to Bro Buai is almost gone. The government charged them $1000.00 to pay for the repair of the road leading to the church and the restoration of electricity (power outages included).

Repairs are in the process and several roof repairs were made to the churches but none were completely repaired. They were repairs made to keep the rain out of the interior. The wall that surrounds the compound is being repaired with bricks and cement. Windows that were broken are repaired.

Rice, water, and cooking oil have been purchased and distributed.

Many of you have made a financial donation to CSI on behalf of the nation of Myanmar and others have donated medications for Med Packs.

On behalf of those in Myanmar who have received this aid we say thank you. Now that the government of Myanmar is allowing humanitarian aid and humanitarian groups into the country we need more of the following medications for Med Packs to be sent.

Triple antibiotic cream – Tylenol, Advil, etc – Imodium – Band Aids – Hydrogen Peroxide Iodine solution – Children’s vitamins – Adult vitamins

According to Brother Buai and Brother Frizzell the people in Myanmar are in need of rice and cooking oil immediately. Fifteen families can be fed (for a week) with $500 spent on rice.

While our immediate help is necessary we must also prepare for both the near future and the next several months. There is an ongoing problem in the Irrawaddy Delta region for agriculture because the cyclone has caused the loss of planting and harvesting for this year. Because many of the oxen and farmers died in the cyclone there is no one to plow the ground. Even if they could, the current flooding conditions prohibit it. Both Vietnam and Cambodia have banned the exportation of rice to Myanmar so the coming crisis will be greater in the next few months.

According to those in Myanmar the nation could be looking at a rice shortage very soon with a loss of nearly 40% of their annual crop in rice and vegetables. The leadership of the church in Myanmar has formulated a plan called the Joseph Project. This project will consist of the following.
1. Establish a storage building for supplies
2. Store rice and oil for the time when these items become scarce
3. Purchase 200 45 lb bags of rice
4. Purchase 50 cases of cooking oil

You can help us realize the Joseph Project by contributing to the following:
Rice 200 bags (45 lbs each) @ $11 a bag
Oil 50 cases (6 liters each) @ $18.00 a case
Building – $400 10x14 – wooden floors, bamboo wall and tin roof

While most of us cannot individually take care of this need, surely some of us can buy a bag of rice or a case of oil. Please contribute online or mail your donation to:
CSI – Myanmar Joseph Project
8855 Dunn Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.

Scotty Slaydon
Director CSI

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