Friday, March 28, 2008

From Linda Reed (Middle East):
Here is a note about the Patricks for the Middle East/European Region's prayer list. Yesterday I visited Bro. Patrick in the men's prison in Juwayda, Jordan. He looked well. The guards and director were very courteous to me. They allowed me a special time (on the phone behind glass) to visit with him. Already God has given him great favor with the foreign, Christian prisoners and guards. He told me 'Please don't cry, Sis. Reed, God put me here'. Then he proceeded to tell me of the many miracles which are taking place inside with the prisoners.

Many of these men are simply forgotten.

Bro. Pedro asked me for a Bible. I only had my personal Bible with me, but I gave it to him. I was proud my Bible could be used to encourage these prisoners.

Today, I am delivering a letter to the head of security. Please pray that he will grant our requests.

Please pray:
1. That God will give us favor and allow the Patricks to return to their home for a few days to pack and settle their records with us before leaving Jordan.

2. That there will be no deportation stamp in their passports and they will be allowed to leave with dignity.

3. That God will grant them a visa to the country He wants them to minister in. It is our desire to establish them somewhere in our area.

4. Pray for their health and safety. Pray for their spirits and those around them. Pray a blessing upon the guards who are so kind to them.

We thank all of those who have prayed for the Patricks during this time in Jordan. Also, we thank those who have sent offerings to help cover the costs of this difficulty.

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