Monday, February 25, 2008

Prayer Requests

From Ed Hosmer (Japan/WNOP):
Please pray for missionary David Doan (Japan) who had a mild heart attack.

This afternoon [Monday afternoon, Japan time] missionary David Doan in Japan, suffered a mild heart attack. He immediately went to the hospital here in Okinawa and was admitted. They had done some tests to find that he had 50% blockage and had given him some medication to help thin his blood. Already the medication seems to have taken effect and some of the blockage was removed. It appears that the blood circulation has returned to normal at this time. They do have him in ICU for 24hrs and will keep him in the hospital for a week to monitor him. Please pray for his quick recovery, for rest, and for his family during this difficult time.


Continue praying for Margaret White (Malaysia/Indonesia).


Please pray for my daughter Krystin Carlson.

Praise Report

From Tom Bracken (Taiwan):
The missions work here continues to grow and develop. On Sunday night, February 17, we conducted the last service of our Turning Point—Taiwan National Conference—2008! Somewhere between 30 and 35 people received the baptism of the Holy Spiritt. Thirteen have been baptized so far.

Over the three days of meetings, I would estimate that six hundred Chinese and approximately twenty-five Filipinos were in attendance.

A bit of exciting news was given to me last night by our head usher. There were approximately eighty first-time guests who attended the conference. Please keep us in prayer as we busy ourselves with the important work of doing follow-up on these new converts and contacts.

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