Thursday, October 10, 2013

West Africa Missions Update: Shawn Sarsfield

Church Service Highlights

August 4th-5th: I preached Sunday morning at our national president's church and at the last minute changed my message. I was later told my message was very timely due to some recent events that I was unaware of. PRAISE BE TO GOD for his direction! Jaydie taught their young people on Monday about Christian relationships and pursuing the right one!

August 18th, 2013: We visited Tchevie, where the church started building a new wall around their property for a much needed church expansion because their current facility was filled to the max with over 60 adults and children.

While here, we had an only-Jesus-can-do experience: When Pastor Fulbert invited me to the pulpit to preach, we realized that Jaydie was going to have to translate into French so the pastor could then translate her French into Ewe (the local language spoken). Pastor Fulbert jokingly said, if anyone knows English and can translate directly into Ewe, now would be a good time for them to stand and reveal their hidden talent. About two minutes later, after realizing the three way translation was going to make for a tough service, a young man, who walked into service late, told the pastor he could translate directly from English to Ewe. At the end of the service, we found out that he was one of two first-time visitors to the church. He was in town visiting his mother (he now lives in Ghana, where they speak English) and had decided to find a church to attend that morning, which just so happened to be our church. He did a wonderful job and we had a great move of God!

August 24th-25th, 2013: The Togo missionary team traveled up to Atakpame on Saturday in order to take a very bumpy two and half hour drive to the beautiful village of Soto; so we could attend their 'harvest festival.' During this service the saints raised money for a Bible School student from their church so he could work on planting a new church and evangelize its surrounding community.

September 1st, 2013: I preached at Agoe Anome and enjoyed seeing a full church with over 200 saints. The saints were singing, shouting and praising because of a visible miracle that just walked through the door. Approximately two years before, a new convert named  Akpene was one her way home from a youth service when she was involved in a motorcycle accident. She spent 7 weeks in a coma after the motorcycle had fallen on her head. Doctors said she'd never wake up. Through God's power, she woke up. Doctors then performed an operation but gave her family little hope that she would ever walk or talk again. God had different plans for on this day she walked into our church service, for the first time since the accident, and danced before the Lord and testified of his healing power and great mercy.

Conferences and Training

August 17th: 50-60 leaders attended the first of three Togo Church Leadership Seminars, others will be held in different regions of Togo, at Agoe Anome and heard great teaching by Togo's President, Pasteur Freeman, and Vice President, Pasteur Kofi.

September 2nd: Jaydie started a 3-week Teacher's Training Seminar at a local church in Dzijzole with four eager teachers who are learning how to create effective Sunday school programs.

September 16th - 20th: Missionaries, Natio
-nal Board Members and Pastors from 16 West African countries came together in Togo for the 2013 Sub-Regional Conference (2 day meeting for all Missionaries and National Board Members) and National Leadership Conference. During the Sub-Regional Conference, Bro. Richardson, Africa's Regional Coordinator, cast the vision for Africa. During the 3 day Leadership Conference, over 250 leaders (pastors) heard anointed preaching about the church's "Destiny," which was this year's conference theme.

Other News:

Special Highlight - The West Africa region raised approximately $18,000 for Africa's regional missions offering. This is a special offering, taken bi-annually, where national works give their countries offering to help send African missionaries into un-churched African countries/regions. What makes this number even more extraordinary is that this is TWICE as much as the last regional missions offering of $9,200.

We are rejoicing with the African country of Madagascar! At their 2013 National Conference, over 15,000 people were in attendance and over 2,000 received the Holy Ghost!

Jaydie and I had the privilege of inviting 6 United States Air Force officers, who were studying at my French language school, over to our house for lunch. They asked us to pray for them as they travel back to their bases around the world. Please keep each of these men in your prayers as they continue to serve our country!

We'd like to say thank you to those who helped us purchase a "Gospel spreading AIM mobile." We were able to purchase a 1998 Mazda 323.

Special Prayer Need
In November, Jaydie and I are planning to travel to Bamako, Mali for 5 days with the missionaries from Burkina Faso. Please pray for peace in the land and that we can acquire the multiple visas required for such a trip. Also, please pray that we can be an encouragement to the only UPCI minister we currently have in the entire country of Mali, that we can effectively outreach to the one additional contact we have, and that we can gain some basic understanding of long term daily living arrangements.

If you'd like to support me and the work we are doing, please send your support to:
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