Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AIM Newsletter: Shawn Sarsfield

Since Arriving in Togo, I’ve had
the privilege to preach four
Sunday messages: 
•July 7: Dzidjole:  Two brand new
visitors!  Mighty Move of  God! (Last
messaged preached before leaving in
Dec. 12 and first message  preached
since arriving in June was in this
•July 14 : Adidgome: Jaydie teaches
Sunday school to 25+children,
Awesome Alter call with over 100
•July 21: Toblekope: Jaydie teaches
Sunday Schoool, 1 person receives the
Holy Ghost, we pray the 10 or so
additional people  that were seeking
soon receive this precious gift
•July 28 : Adetikope: 1 teenage girl
receives the Holy Ghost (Super
exciting because she had wanted to
start a music ministry, but was unable
to because her pastor wouldn’t allow
since she had never received the Holy
Ghost, but now she can!!)

Other Key areas of  Involvement:

•Kicked off  my French Study
•Preparation for Bible School which
starts in August:  250 of  books need to
be produced for 56 of  students in
Togo and Benin
•Preparation for Sub-Regional
Conference:  Approximately  275
pastors, evangelists, and preachers
and 25 missionaries expected to
come together for extensive
       •Over 2,000 books have been
       produced and will distributed to
       pastors from 6 nations.

Exciting Event within the region:

Equatorial Guinea
Seven baptized in Jesus' name and five
received the baptism of  the Holy
Spirit.  Twelve graduated from Faith
Institute of  Theology of  Equatorial
Guinea with their GATS Certificate.
The graduates represented five
nations: Equatorial Guinea,
Cameroon, Republic of  Congo,
Ghana, and Nigeria. Fourteen pastors
from different organizations attended
this ceremony along with some
government officials.

Special Needs:

Please join Jaydie and I in prayer for
Equatorial Guinea. It is the only
Spanish speaking country in Africa.
The UPCI has one church and only
one UPCI pastor serving this  country of
700,000 people.  We would like to fly to
Equatorial Guinea to help with
evangelization efforts. Total cost would
be about $1500.

I’d like to give a special thanks to those who’ve
given  towards the purchase of a “Gospel
Spreading  AIM Automobile.”  We are still
raising funds towards this purchase.

If  you’d like to help, checks can be sent
as an offering to:
Global Missions
8855 Dunn Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042
(Please put in the memo section:
“Love offering - 160690 - Sarsfield”)

Fun Fact Corner
Encounters as a Missionary in Africa: Church service in the dark (yes seriously...ladies conference...electricity went out for 2/3 of service). Praise God for Flashlights!
Whenever you leave your house, all of the neighborhood children sing, dance, and shout "Yovo, Yovo, Yovo" meaning "White person, White person, White person," and then get really excited and jump up and down when you notice and smile at them!

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